Here we are


The group started in 2003 when two friends wanted to sing traditional sea shanties. Two friends of historical seafaring joined at once. One of them could not continue due to sickness, but by the time entered three more well motivated singers.


We are a five men shanty crew singing traditional sea shanties a capella, without any instrumental accompaniment, for we want to keep something of the sound to be heard at former times aboard.


We don't sing 'nice' in common manner and our voices are more mediocre but with clean intonation. Rather we want to perform the drive of the work the special shanty was made for, and by that way we will maintain and present a bit of the timbre of the great days of sailing.


 From the left: Charly Braun, Karl-Heinz Mansholt, Peter Massau,   
                      Josef Ottens, Wolfgang Welke

At stage we will point out the source of the shanty we are going to sing, and the work it was created for    and when we declare the words there shall be known some of the living space of ancient time sailors.

We use to sing at international shanty festivals home and abroad or at special maritime events.


Crossjack is the name of a small fore-and-aft sail at the mizzen mast still standing when the spanker was already taken away due to hard weather. They used it for to hold the course. And that is what we want to do too, even in rough weather.