New Crew Members



    In Janaury 2023.


    Crossjack wants to expand the crew and is looking for a new crew member who wants to sign on with us.


    We are not an association and have no statutes, but are held together by the common interest in historical seafaring and its songs. 


    Of course, our new crew member should have some prerequisites. You should be able to sing a capella with a clean intonation, voice arbitrary. English with good pronunciation is important. A place of residence not too far from Oldenburg (Oldb, Germany) would be good.


    You should be willing to come every two weeks on Mondays for two hours to sing and practice together, as well as to perform with us at maritime events. What this is all about can be seen here.


Not absolutely necessary, but not obstructive, are knowledge of music notes. And whether we fit together will show for you and for us over time.

If you are interested, you should contact
Karl-Heinz Mansholt.

We are looking forward to a suitable crew member who wants to sign in.