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                 Crossjack heeft 3 CD's opgenomen:





Inhoud CD1 "Cheer´ly Men":


Lime Scurvey; Alabama John Cherokee;

Johnny come down to Hilo; Hooker John;

Little Sally Rackett; Saltpeter Shanty;

Sally Brown; The sailor likes his bottle;

Wat wi doht; Bunch of Roses;

Roll the cotton down; Sam´s gone away;

Roller Bowler; Round the corner, Sally;

Leave her, Johnny, leave her.  






Inhoud CD2 "Roll and Go":


The Capstan Bar; Shallow Brown;

De Bäckergang; Cheerily Men;

Roll the Old Chariot; Aloue;

Heave Away, My Johnnies; The Rosabella;

Hoorraw for the Blackball Line;

General Taylor;

De Hoffnung; Codfish Shanty;

Ladies of Plymouth;

Tom´s Gone to Hilo; Billy Riley;

Haul Away for Rosie; Old Stormalong;

Running Down to Cuba;

Farewell Shanty.  






Inhoud CD3 "One More Pull":


The Liverpool Packet; The Dead Horse;

Billy 0´Shea; We´re all bound to go;

Johnny Bowker; Rio Grande; Randy Dandy;

Bold Reilly; The Ebenezer; Jamboree;

Roll Boys Roll; Blow the Man Down;

Essequibo River; Boney; Yeller Girls;

Donkey Riding; Reuben Ranzo;

Good-Bye Fare Ye Well.






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