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Ons repertoire





- Capstan-Shanties,
- Windlass-Shanties,
- Halyard-Shanties,
- Heaving-, Hauling-Shanties,
- Shorthaul-Shanties,
- Stomp-‘n’-go-Shanties,
- Pumping-Shanties,
- Bunt-Shanty


All for me Grog


Ane Madam


Billy O´Shea

Billy Riley

Black Bird get up

Blow, boys, blow

Blow the man down

Bold Reilly


Bound to South Australia

Bully in the Alley

Bunch of Roses

Can’t you dance the Polka

Capstan Bar, the

Cheerily Men

Codfish Shanty

De Bäckergang

De Hoffnung

Dead Horse, the

Donkey Riding

Ebenezer, the

Eki dumah

Emma let me be

Essequibo River

Farewell Shanty

Fire Marengo

General Taylor

Good bye fare-ye-well

Haal op

Haul away for Rosie

Haul away, boys, haul away

Haul the Bowline

Heave away cheerily

Heave away, my Johnnies

Helgoländer Shanty

Hooker John

Hooraw for the Blackball Line


John Cherokee

John Kanaka

Johnny Bowker

Johnny come down to Hilo

Ladies of Plymouth

Le Capitaine de St. Malo

Leaky Ship, the

Leave her, Johnny, leave her

Lime Scurvey

Little Sally Rackett

Liverpool Packet, the

Maggie Mae

Mina Loos

Old Stormalong

Outward bound homeward bound

Paddy Doyles Boots

Pique la Baleine

Plains of Mexico, the

Pull down below

Randy Dandy

Reuben Ranzo

Rio Grande

Roll Alabama roll

Roll the cotton down

Roll the Old Chariot

Roll, Boys, Roll

Roller Bowler

Rolling home

Rosabella, the

Round the Bay of Mexico

Round the corner Sally

Running down to Cuba


Sailor likes his bottle, the

Sally Brown

Saltpetre shanty

Sam’s gone away

Shallow Brown


Smutje heet ick


Tom’s gone to Hilo

Wat wi doht

Way me Susiana

We’re all bound to go

Yeller girls